Building Organization/Curriculum

     All Saints is PreK - 5th grade building.  We have a Childcare program that includes before and after school child care. The goal of All Saints Child Care is to provide and reinforce a quality, Christian program which parents can rely upon throughout the calendar year.  The dedicated staff of 24  is committed to enhancing the spiritual, social, and emotional development of each child, while providing a fun and exciting social experience for them to learn and grow in.  Both our Childcare and PreSchool programs have received a 5-Star rating from the state of Iowa.  All Saints Preschool provides a safe and caring Christian learning environment for children.  It is the goal to work in cooperation with each child's family to provide educational experiences within a Christian atmosphere that encourages the development of the "total" child - spiritually, emotionally, cognitively, physically, and socially. Enhancing your child's self-esteem and developing positive feelings towards learning is the goal of the 5 professional staff members.

    We have a continuous curriculum in grades K - 5.  Eleven classroom teachers and seven support staff are committed to providing a quality Catholic education for all students.  With a ratio of  18:1, staff is able to address individual differences with all students.

    Religion is an integral part of our student’s daily life in all grades.  Religion class is taught daily.  Students are prepared for the sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation in second grade. Weekly mass is held for all students.  

    Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies are all part of the student’s daily academics.  Music, Art, Media, and Physical Education are also taught on a weekly basis.  Each All Saints student will be empowered with the technological knowledge and skills to learn effectively and learn productively.  All Saints is 2:1 with the use of iPads and laptops.  This balanced learning reflects the fact that students in the 21st century live in a global environment.


   Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support is a school wide discipline program used at All Saints, that includes proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create a positive school environment.  Instead of using a piecemeal approach of individual behavioral management plans, a continuum of positive behavioral support for all students is implemented in areas including the classroom and non-classroom settings.


We focus on The Bruins Way:

Belief in God

Respect and reverence to God and each other

United in our goal of being the best we can be

In God’s name we learn and play

Never stop trying to achieve

Safe Environment - successful students